Zenaida Miranda

DSC_5323Over the holiday season my wife Celia and I spent some time in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We took every opportunity to soak in as much local culture as possible and explored a lot of nooks and crannies around Viejo Vallarta and surrounding areas.

We met Señora Miranda while we where having lunch at a market on the north bank of the River Cuale. She was walking around the restaurant section of the Market selling nuts and candies. I asked to take her photograph and Celia started a long conversation with her. She is from Atango, Mexico and was visiting her kids for the Holidays. She found herself sitting around a lot and figured she might as well get up and make some money.

She was very shy and adorable in front of the camera. She kept saying how much prettier she was when she was young and in return we insisted she was still a beautiful person.

I find it fascinating and humbling to spend time with people who’s life and background is alien to mine. I feel like many people caught up in fast paced progressive societies look at individuals like Zenaida as if they where a lesser human being. I am often guilty of it myself, not by choice it seems, but by instinct; as if I have been brainwashed into automatically thinking I am superior to people with missing teeth, old clothes, bad make-up, or peddling whatever they can to get by. The list can go on and on but as soon I bother getting to know something about a person, that instinct quickly breaks down. I hope to someday rid myself of this instinct all together but in the mean-time try to believe that we are all equally important in this world. People aren’t better or worse, only different. This is without equating murderers and rapists of course.

I hope this gives you something to thing about. Comments are open. I chose this for my first post because it was our time in PV that inspired me to finally start this blog. I have a lot I would like to share from our trip. Stay tuned.