A photographic study of Latino culture

Image from Common Ground a photographic study of Latino culture

As a teenager, I began taking trips to Mexico to build houses for the poor. And through my middle class white American eyes it looked like severe poverty. Thus I was in bewilderment to see how happy, resourceful and loving these Mexicans were. The children had more fun playing futbol barefoot in the dirt, then I ever did playing with my 6 foot long GI Joe aircraft carrier. I thought to myself, “How could this be? I’m not even this happy!” And for more than twenty years I’ve been trying to figure it out through a photographic study of Latino culture.

As an adult, I have traveled back many times with my wife, Celia. And with every return, we make it a point to explore regions of the country we haven’t yet seen along with the places we’ve come to love. And with every trip, we dive a bit deeper into a foreign culture of which we have limited knowledge. As a result we’ve experienced our most fulfilling days there. For  me its walking the streets with my camera, talking to strangers and gathering stories from everyday Mexicans. Moreover, invitations into homes for a drink and conversation are plentiful–most often the rule rather than the exception.

I am currently in post production on a series of photographs that chronicle and relish these experiences. I hope to reveal the love of this place as it floods the streets everyday. And the common bonds we share as humans, regardless of class or culture.

Selected photographs are regularly posted on Instagram and limited edition prints are currently for sale. Otherwise, an exhibit and a book are in progress. And the working title for the project is Common Ground.

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