Screening online this weekend only!

Film festivals around the world have come to a grinding halt. So, The Steven Arnold Museum and Archives has decided to host a free limited online release of Steven Arnold: Heavenly Bodies. However, it will only be available this weekend.

Arnold was an American multimedia artist, photographer and filmmaker who’s vast artistic output has been preserved in an extensive archive. This resulted in ample material for the film. So, as the editor my daily workload was an extensive ongoing discovery process in close collaboration with Vishnu Dass, the films director. Our days, weeks and months together were ripe with inspiration and spiritual insight, culminating into a feature length documentary.

Interviews dance with narration by Anjelica Houston to showcase the diversity of Arnold’s work and explore his intimate relationships with icons such as Salvador Dali, Simon Doonan and Ellen Burstyn.

We recommend this for mature audiences and you can access the film by clicking on the image below.

Steven Arnold Heavenly Bodies at New Fest

We packed the house in New York at HBO’s NewFest for the Steven Arnold: Heavenly Bodies premiere. Thank you to those who attended! Now, The film is headed to France to accompany a solo show of Steven Arnold’s photography hosted by Fahey/Klein Gallery at Paris Photo. The exhibit will be on-going from November 7-10 at the Grand Palais, Booth A33. And screenings take place at the MK2 Grand Palais on November 8 at 3pm and November 10th at 5pm.

Miss Rosen pens a fitting tribute to Steven’s life and career in a new article from Another Man.

“Artist, photographer, filmmaker, and ‘queer mystic’ Steven F. Arnold (1943–1994) is a quintessential icon of our times, a revolutionary figure whose ideas about gender fluidity, radical acceptance, and non-binary consciousness, first realised in the late 1960s, are just now becoming part of the cultural conversation.”

Here is the full article.

2019 Paris Photo poster for the films sector where Steven Arnold Heavenly Bodies was screened.

Film Festival Premiere at HBO’s NewFest

The film festival premiere of Steven Arnold: Heavenly Bodies will be on the east coast at HBO’s NewFest in New York City on October 28th followed by a discussion with the director, Vishnu Dass and cast members Simon Doonan, Johnny Rozsa and Scott Ewalt.

The film is narrated by Anjelica Huston and Ellen Burstyn, edited by yours truly, Cinematography by Alexander Sasha Nitze, Executive Produced by Stephanie Farago, Produced by Stephanie Schwindenhammer and Joan Agajanian Quinn with original music by Jack Curtis Dubowsky

Special thanks to Victoria Looseleaf, Tina M Imahara, Amanda Quinn Olivar, Steve Seid, Dave Tipper, David Block, James Bartlett Ingeborg Gerdes, Fletcher Beasley, Stephen Jerrome, Patricia C Cole, Jennifer Raiser, Andrew Paul Binder, Adrian Leeds, Michael Wiese, Stuart Comer, NewFest, and so many others.

Click on the image below for a one minute clip of the film exclusively for newsletter subscribers.

Steven Arnold and Ellen Burstyn in the documentary film Steven Arnold Heavenly Bodies