The Boy Who Cried Fish

Here are some shots from The Boy Who Cried Fish, a short film I shot about an autistic boy’s reaction to seeing news footage on television of a female protestor getting brutalized by Egyptian military. The incident has become known as “The Girl in the Blue Bra”; as she was beaten, her top was torn off, revealing a bright blue bra.

I started production on this short with no prep so it was the first day of shooting that set the bar for the film, and it was set high. I was immediately pleased by the impeccable taste in Director Dalia Musaad. Her casting choices were top drawer and her attention to detail was evidence of a real artist filmmaker in the making.

As the schedule got tighter It became a challenge to keep the quality of each set-up to par with the proceeding one. It didn’t feel right to compromise the lighting and camera work; the script and performances were to good for that and Dalia insisted I take the necessary time. It was very satisfying and I had a great crew that stepped up to the plate and got inspired by the quality of work we were doing.

Another challenge during the shoot was with a school yard location we got stuck with. Dalia had lost her preferred location last minute and we had no choice but to shoot the scenes in a parking lot that looked more like a prison yard. I encouraged her to embrace this location for what it was. We focused on what made the yard interesting rather than what made it ugly and we ended the day happy with what we shot.

The film received an Award of Excellence at the IndieFest in March and will be hitting more festivals this summer.

Working with “The Puppet Master”

AARP recently ran a story coined “Technology Whiz Kids Over 50”. They contracted me to make a video on one of the featured innovators; David H. Lawrence XVII. He is an Actor, Tech Entrepreneur and Voice Over Artist. He played Eric Doyle “The Puppet Master” in the TV series Heroes and created a successful app called Rehearsal that helps Actors learn their lines.

I produced, wrote, directed, shot, and edited this one! Enjoy the video above and check out the story here on the AARP website.

Also check out David’s Voice Over blog where he offers training and resources on how to become a successful Voice Over Artist.