“Separated” at the LA Film Fest



After traveling around the states and showing at film festivals in New York, Oregon, Arkansas and Arizona, our favorite wind up toy’s have come home to Los Angeles to screen as an official selection at the LA Shorts Fest this weekend!

It will be closing program 15 on Sunday September 6 at 1:00pm at LA Live, Regal Cinemas. Click here for more information on the festival’s site.

Log Line – When a wind-up toy’s best friend is thrown into a moving box that is headed out of town, the tiny robot must spring to life and rescue her before she is gone forever.

Behind the ScenesHere is an article I wrote shortly after finishing production. It includes some insight on the making of the film, a montage of some of my favorite shots, and some screen grabs.

A Children’s Odyssee

I recently shot Bogdan Darev’s first feature film, Хармония (Harmonia). This was my second collaboration with the Bulgarian director, his metaphorical short film,  Слушай (Listen), which explored themes of social oppression, was the first.  Harmonia dives into similar waters, focusing on a brother and sister and their journey from the oppression of a modern educational system into a world of awakening.

Darev writes, “What happens when we dare to forget about the social status quo, imposed vices, vanity and stereotypes and just be? When we dare to experience the world the way children see it?  Without preconceptions and common division by labeling. To acknowledge how kids avoid and debunk the rules through touch and play, through dance and genuine curiosity. Why are their minds so tranquil and independent and why do our adult minds become so rational that we lose touch with spontaneity, the joys of discovery and life itself?”

The film is still in the workshop, but enjoy these frame grabs. And check out the full short film Слушай (Listen).

Rep for Stills

Impressionist Urban Landscape - San Francisco, CA

Still photography remains a passion of mine and I’ve been organizing my work into collections. It’s been an arduous but exciting task. Most of the images are on film. To meet todays demand for digital content, we have been scanning, retouching, and finishing each image to be considered as part of a collection. The collection is then edited down to the best photographs which share a conceptual theme(s). The first collection that I’m releasing is entitled “Abstracts” and it is currently being repped by Painet, and PI Creative Art. Click on the selection above to enjoy it as a complimentary wallpaper.