Matthew Skala is a dedicated and experienced artist. Inspired by endless hours spent in a high school darkroom he studied photography at the San Francisco Academy of Art University and then received a BFA in Cinematography from the UNC School of the Arts were he was nominated for both an ASC and Budapest Master Class award. While still at the UNC school he began working on sets as a Unit Stills Photographer. His stills where used to promote the short film Two Soldiers, which won an Academy Award for Best Short film in 2005; the year he graduated with the BFA.

Shortly after graduation he worked on a few films as a Camera Assistant but quickly moved up to Camera Operator on over a dozen features, the bulk of which were for the Hallmark Channel. Matthew now works as a Cinematographer and has become known for his commitment to collaboration, a versatile aesthetic, and a service to the story and director, resulting in expressive poetic imagery. Much of his work is received well at festivals ranging from The Cannes Film Festival to Slamdance, and often win awards. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Celia and cat Sophia. When not working on films, he works on personal photography projects. He travels domestically and abroad.