Film Festival Premiere at HBO’s NewFest

The film festival premiere of Steven Arnold: Heavenly Bodies will be on the east coast at HBO’s NewFest in New York City on October 28th followed by a discussion with the director, Vishnu Dass and cast members Simon Doonan, Johnny Rozsa and Scott Ewalt.

The film is narrated by Anjelica Huston and Ellen Burstyn, edited by yours truly, Cinematography by Alexander Sasha Nitze, Executive Produced by Stephanie Farago, Produced by Stephanie Schwindenhammer and Joan Agajanian Quinn with original music by Jack Curtis Dubowsky

Special thanks to Victoria Looseleaf, Tina M Imahara, Amanda Quinn Olivar, Steve Seid, Dave Tipper, David Block, James Bartlett Ingeborg Gerdes, Fletcher Beasley, Stephen Jerrome, Patricia C Cole, Jennifer Raiser, Andrew Paul Binder, Adrian Leeds, Michael Wiese, Stuart Comer, NewFest, and so many others.

Click on the image below for a one minute clip of the film exclusively for newsletter subscribers.

Steven Arnold and Ellen Burstyn in the documentary film Steven Arnold Heavenly Bodies

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