The Listen Trilogy, Harmonia, Tumble, and hybrid filmmaking

We approached the film in a hybrid way—Bogdan believes we are entering a time of synthesis between narrative and documentary cinema. A time that calls for us to be relentless in exploring the moving image across the broken mirror of a dying utopia. Continue reading

Interview Reel

There is a lot to learn and get inspired about when shooting interviews. One of my most memorable experiences was with Quincy Jones. Continue reading

The Look of Butterfly Effect – thematic black and white cinematography

The Human Example wanted to invoke a sense of missing, of gone, of what’s left is only in our dreams and imagination, but even that is limited because as children, their experience is limited.  Continue reading

Frame Grab from Tumble a short black and white film

The Look of Tumble – a short black and white film shot with a single lens

Tony wanted to shoot the film using only one lens—a 50mm which inspired us to put the camera in places that we would not have considered otherwise. Continue reading

documentary cinematography

Documentary reel

Select b-roll from various ngo, corporate, government, and industrial documentary projects. Clients include Boeing, SpaceX, Panasonic, SES Satellites, Getty Images, The Savory Institute, and The Los Angeles Police Department. Continue reading

Reel Poster Image for Matthew Skala Cinematographer in Los Angeles

New Cinematography demo reel

Spiritually and scientifically, light is life. And a movie is often a lifetime of emotions. So before thinking about equipment or logistics, I have to spend time with the director and try to get inside his or her head to … Continue reading

Perception now available to watch online

Perception is now available to watch online via Amazon Prime! Gravitas Ventures picked up the film for nationwide release. A summary and more frame grabs are available here.

Perception– a supernatural psychological indy thriller

After focusing on some bigger projects the last few years I’m excited to be back in touch with a timely announcement! Perception, a supernatural, psychological, indy thriller I shot and edited for director Ilana Rein has been acquired by Gravitas … Continue reading

An indy vampire drama in San Francisco

    On the darker side of things, I shot this indy vampire drama–Sacred Blood–in San Francisco for director Christopher Coppola. Some 2nd unit work shot by Andrew Gianetta in the country of Georgia in Russia illustrates the back story at … Continue reading

Separated at film festivals around the globe

Separated travels to Germany, France, and Brazil on its long journey to film festivals around the globe.

A hollywood revival for The Big Meet

Puzzle Piece Entertainment honors The Big Meet with a hollywood revival! Together with The Study in Hollywood they host an annual boutique film festival and we were awarded best film.

A film about autism

Here are some shots from The Boy Who Cried Fish–a film about autism that I shot for Director Dalia Musaad. The story centers around a boy reacting to news footage of a female protestor getting brutalized by the Egyptian military. … Continue reading