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The Big Meet rides the film festival circuit

now at Hill Country Film Festival in Texas… Continue reading

The Look of Harmonia – making an experimental film

Making an experimental film, The Look of Harmonia directed by Bogdan Darev… Continue reading

Frame Grab from The Republic of Rick

The Look of The Republic of Rick – a must-see mockumentary

“I call you the Doctor because it was like watching a surgeon at work and I was proud to have you on our production. I think you’re what every director would look for in a director of photography. You need … Continue reading

The look of diversity in a comedic short film

a gay mormon student, his Mormon family, black boyfriend, and hippy friends… Continue reading

Fashionista Daddy is still chompin

Super Bowl Success Story of a Workaday DP… Continue reading

What is a mockumentary? Behind the scenes of Teacher of the Year

Shooting with one light on a micro-budget film starring Matthew Letscher and Keegan- Michael Key… Continue reading

Fashionista Daddy is the winning Doritos Superbowl commercial

I am privileged to include Fashionista Daddy in my commercial reel… Continue reading

Doritos Commercial Frame Grab

Shooting a low budget doritos superbowl commercial

for director Mark Freiburger, competing with the best of the best in the ad world… Continue reading

The Big Meet – a film noir short film

Behind the scenes look at festival winning short… Continue reading

Behind You is a Film festival winner!

Outshining Guillermo Del Toro produced short… Continue reading