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Interview Reel

There is a lot to learn and get inspired about when shooting interviews. One of my most memorable experiences was with Quincy Jones. Continue reading

The Look of Butterfly Effect – thematic black and white cinematography

The Human Example wanted to invoke a sense of missing, of gone, of what’s left is only in our dreams and imagination, but even that is limited because as children, their experience is limited.  Continue reading

Frame Grab from Tumble a short black and white film

The Look of Tumble – a short black and white film shot with a single lens

Tony wanted to shoot the film using only one lens—a 50mm which inspired us to put the camera in places that we would not have considered otherwise. Continue reading

documentary cinematography

Documentary reel

Select b-roll from various ngo, corporate, government, and industrial documentary projects. Clients include Boeing, SpaceX, Panasonic, SES Satellites, Getty Images, The Savory Institute, and The Los Angeles Police Department. Continue reading