BTS Cinematographer in Los Angeles - Matthew Skala, a director of photography based in Los Angeles with his camera assistant on the set of a Music Video

Matthew Skala is a Cinematographer based in Los Angeles—known for his ability to deliver high production value to low budget features. He is a skilled and experienced artist—credited on over a hundred films.

He began studying photography in high school and then college at the San Francisco Academy of Art University, then went to the UNC School of the Arts for a BFA in Cinematography were he was also nominated for both an ASC award and Budapest Master Class award.

With each new project, Matthew seeks to understand the fundamental truth at the heart of the story. He then employs the nuances of light and darkness to visually reflect that truth as the story unfolds.

Once on set, Matthew is a seasoned manager who can efficiently run crews of any size, making the day without compromising the artistic integrity of the piece.

His work is featured on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Showtime and other platforms. He's also screened films at dozens of festivals, including The Cannes Film Festival and Slamdance.

Matthew’s latest projects include the psychological thriller, Perception, the biographical documentary, Steven Arnold: Heavenly Bodies, and Equal Playing Field, a moving documentary about a women’s soccer team’s journey to play a game at the highest elevation ever recorded.