Posted on May 13, 2022

By Chintan

A Silicon Valley Pioneer, Equal Playing Field, Instagram


Some shots from a short documentary about Silicon Valley Pioneer–Steve Saya Kay–for director Lureen Wu.


Equal Playing Field is now available on Amazon Prime. One of our main themes in this doc was about the disparity in pay between professional Men and Women soccer players in the US. And I’m excited to report that in February the US Women’s Soccer Team won a settlement against the US Soccer Federation. The ruling includes equal pay for the Men’s and Women’s national teams and a back pay settlement of $22 million.

We certainly aren’t alone in raising awareness for this cause but it feels good to have played a small part.

Here is a sequence from the film:


I’ve been working on a new Instagram feed geared toward showcasing my cinematography projects. And to mix things up I’ve started to include some of my photography, snippets from my film studies, and short clips from my childhood.

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