Posted on September 25, 2019

By Matthew Skala

Something in the Air

Something in the Air—I have been watching a lot of Olivier Assayas films lately and this one seems to initiate a stylistic pivot in the Directors career. His earlier works are shot in a constructive cine verité language for the sake of economy, immediacy and authenticity. However, this film moves away from that into a more constructive and fragmented cinema language. Consequently this invokes a more dreamlike atmosphere including sequences that are purely poetic.

It’s nearly plotless structure reminds me of David Gordon Green’s first feature film–George Washington. His budget was something like $35,000 and he wrote the film so that none of the scenes depended on the other. As a result this allowed him to accommodate the budget by cutting scenes–as necessary during production–without compromising the story.

Select Collaborators

Cinematographer Eric Gautier
Editor Luc Barnier
Production Designer François-Renaud Labarthe
Producers Charles GillibertNathanaël Karmitz
Sound Editor Aude Baudasse
Sound Mixer Olivier Goinard
Colorist Isabelle Julien

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